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 (SAY I )

Skin Arts Artistry Institute

Skin Arts HealthCare Foundation

Healing Arts

Project Hope and Healing

SAAI is about Helping People. We are artists, advocates, and a partner to those who are working to recover from many situations.

We help in several ways

We create and give art for free to those living in cars, sleeping on the streets,  and in shelters to sell. Our goal is to assist them in earning  $200-$300 dollars a day in selling wearable art or  Temporary body art services. The Artistry sells for 25.00  to $50.00  minimum. The art services sell for 3 times this amount in stores, salons, and online. We are  working to improve their lives to give them a possibility of a future they want to live with dignity and self-empowerment 

SAAI  also helps by providing Free training to individuals facing homelessness and the volunteers who help us. We provide the supplies needed for doing the work. The people are trained in Temporary Tattoo Body Artistry, Wearable Arts, and other art. skills such as Decorative Concrete art, and  Ez Murals. Some also are trained in tax advocacy, house advocacy, and landscape artistry for free. Most of these skills can be learned in a one-day workshop. Finally, we help them get one or two-day work assignments. We work with affordable housing and many of the new homeless advocates in the city. We are not funded by the government. we are self-funded and supported by others giving.

For more information

about volunteering or free training  call 323 447-0365 or email