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  Temporary Tattoo 

3DBody Art 


Skin Arts HealthCAre Foundation

Taste JCBA Events Start  

September 30th, 2022

7 pm to 11 pm

 Hyatt Regency and Hyatt Parkplace

 Los Angeles

 Jesus Christ

BODY Artistry 



 Taste is a Community Experience of 

 50 participants' connections to the


Jesus Christ 

Illustrated with Body Art

The Event is 4 hours 

Participants will create, apply and remove various forms of body art on their arms and hands,


The program's purpose is to facilitate greater literacy around the issues about the "Man" Jesus Christ,

 not religion.   

The Taste reveals a wide range of viewpoints and life experiences. 

The intentions of this program are to enable more community acceptance of others and their beliefs.

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Jesus Christ Body Artistry




 Couple's Connection Is a catalyst  of intimacy that connects  a community of 50 couple's through a discovery of their relationships with Jesus Christ 

The experience is communication through art.

What type of Art?

Body Art, Wearable Art, Murals & Music

What type of Body Art?

Medical-grade Temporary Tattoos,

3D Body Art, and Washable Body Paints.


 Couples will apply and remove art on onto the arms, shoulders, hands and feet of one another.

  •  Covid 19 Note
  •  Participants' temperatures will be checked at the beginning of the event,
  • Participants will be space between 2 to 4 per table. 
  • Temporary tattoos and body art is used with children's band-aids adhesives and can last up to three days. or be removed with alcohol and olive oil.


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Taste JCBA Event

Cost $150.00 per person

Couple Connections Event 

Cost $650.00 per couple

Need More Information 

Call 323-447-0365

Email your questions we'll Answer you within 24 hrs

 [email protected]


This is your access to make payments  to Skin Arts HealthCare Foundation

Donations for Project Hope and Healing  help to provide part-time jobs  for those who are facing life-threatening illnesses without income 

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Meet The Founders

 Skin Arts Artistry Institue 

 The Mission is to Express Jesus Christ 

Through Artistry

Skin Arts In HealthCare Fd​ 

To Heal Through Artistry In Healthcare

501c3 non-profit

A Love For Jesus, People, & Artistry


 Skin Arts Artistry Institue   SAAI 

Creates 3D body art, designs temporary tattoos, and creates wall floor and ceiling decor, wearable art, and environmental art.  They educate and certify licensed Decorative Contractors in P'Nadre' Mosaic Concrete, Wall Jewelry and  Murals Made EZ

      •  S  Skin outer covering of the  body or thing
      •  A  Art  skill acquired by experience.
      • A  Artistry is the result of art,  "Creation".
      • I  institute sets in motion, to establish.   

Skin Arts In HealthCare Fd.  SAIHC

Trains state-licensed professionals, artists, and healthcare volunteers on policies and procedures for public artistry services 

  • Creates procedures for temporary tattoos and temporary body art uses that are safe for the public
  •  Creates procedures for environmental esthetics in healthcare facilities.
  • Trains the public on personal use application of temporary body art. 
  • Creates public awareness of harmful products and federally illegal products such as henna and jagua sold in the United States.




Program Leaders



Artist Certification


September 8,15th &22, 2022