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Skin Arts  Artistry


"SAAI" ( Say I )


  We Create ART People Live In 


 Businesses  People Love To Do 

  Innovators and Mentors

SAAI’s is a  Business of Businesses. We are practicing  Skin Artist, painters, filmmakers, sculptors, animators, web artists, graphic designers, sound artists, fashion designers, architects, performance artists, business writers, and photographers as well as  CPAs, Copywrite, trademark, patent, a global business law Attorneys, Physicians, and venture capitalist.

We also have visiting artists come here from all over the world, exposing you to a wide range of sensibilities and views.

They will be your teachers, mentors, peers, and collaborators. You will learn from and work with them. Our small student-to-mentor ratio—5to 1—ensures you will receive individual attention from leading practitioners

Become a Mobile SkinArtist 

We Are Offering 

Business Training



Skin Arts Stylist

Club Skin Sexy Artist

Skin Fashions Designer 

Call For 323 447-0365

Skin Arts Stylist

 Skin Arts Stylist

 Business Training

Who Qualifies 


Licensed and credentialed health or beauty professionals, and students currently enrolled in a health or beauty professional program

Beginners are certified in the art and science of Skin Arts applications. they must attend a 4-Day Certification Training includes Skin Lingerie and Jewelry Couture Hands-On Training, Body Art Collaging and Online Art Designs Tutorials of the different Skin lingerie styles... Once certified, as a skin arts stylist you can start making income and become part of the fastest growing business.  SAAI's Stylists' have income opportunities at all our Skin Arts Events. “By being listed on our Skin Arts Stylist Directory™” your name and all of your “Skin Services” will be in front of thousands of consumers, looking for a Skin Arts Stylist in their local area every day.  


Club Skin Sexy Artist

Business Program

Skin Sexy Experiences 

Range from Corporate Business Events to private in-home sessions or intimate couple's experiences at Hotels and AirBnB's including Boudoir photography. Call for our private packages

For 323 447-0365


Prices Range 

$50.00 to $1500

Artwork last up to 3-5days 

and is waterproof

Call  if you want information 

For 323 447-0365


Skin Arts Stylist Level 1

Bridal Designs  All Level 

 SKIN Fashion Designs

is extreme Art


Skin Artistry 

that you can go  swimming, steam room, jacuzzi

 and it won't wash off  

Skin  Art Designs 

Are Not Henna or Jagua

 Skin  Arts Lingerie 

Comes in all colors and metallics


White Skin Lingerie Lace Designs for soon to be Mommy

 Designs come in All colors and safe metallic   *Skin Fashion Designers And Skin Sexy Artist level 2/3


Skin Sexy Naked 

Skin Fashion Designers And Skin Sexy Artist   


Skin Fashion Designer

Learn More April 15, 2020

Skin Fashion / Skin Naked Extreme

Learn More April 15, 2020