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Skin Arts In Health Care 





Andre & Penny Roberts

Tough beginnings in 2001 the Roberts were homeless on emergency aid, living in a 500sq ft storefront with their four children.

While looking for a job they saw an ad for volunteer artists at UCLA County Hospital. A research study helping patients with pain management through art. The Roberts volunteered. They discovered that many patients were self-employed like themselves, facing homelessness while fighting life-threatening diseases with no income,  and no disability,

The Roberts volunteered 2 days a week, creating cards, and journals, about personal testimonies of answered prayers in their classes. They raise money to help families have an extra 1000 dollars. They prayed for patients who were in pain and taught faith. The Roberts' work expanded to the hospital's orphanage needs and housing for homeless families that needed places to live while their child was in chemotherapy. This experience changed them. Through giving of their time, skills, and money God used them to help others out of terrible situations and blessed them with favor. Their services grew outside the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts had skills in taxes and open a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Clinic,(VITA) They got offices in Conservation Corps, on the UCLA hospital campus, and they held non-profit start-ups classes for employees. Also, they created murals, taught and hired muralists, and partnered with landscape artists for art on the UCLA grounds, and music meditation gardens. By 2004 they were the directors and executive directors of the program. Their income in 2006 was over 25,000 a month They established a grant foundation, a decorative contractors business, and taxpayers advocacy firm. Through Faith and Action in Jesus Christ, they overcame again and again...

The Couples  Touch Connection has brought me and my husband closer the experience revealed our love in new ways that had been hidden for 22 yrs. Also.  my husband's expression of his love for me through art on my body was a gift that sparked a passion. I recommend the couple connection 

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