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 (SAY I )

Skin Arts Artistry Institute

Skin Arts HealthCare Foundation

Healing Arts‚Äč

Crystal Lace

Brick Art And Landscaping

#3D Body Art

Mosaic Concrete

Skin Arts  Homeless Prevent Projects

"Skin Arts Homeless Prevention Project" helps Individuals, homeowners, renters, and youth ages 16 and above

By giving Free training to individuals on various skills in Industries that have self-employment opportunities and fast income. We teach Decorative Environmental  Arts, Tax Advocacy Enrolled Agents, Decorative Contracting, Skin Arts, and Various NonProfit Services in Healthcare,

We ask for 5 types of Donations.

Time, Skills, Supplies, Locations to Teach, and  Money. If you have a business and would teach a skilled service and be willing to mentor individuals to prevent homelessness. 

Financial Donation to assist in supplies needed for training.

Attend Our Charity Event Taste for Individuals and Touch for Couples. 

Arts Supplies


For applying to teach for free or donations of supplies or locations 


[email protected]

To donate financially use our link below thank you.